TESUJI - the best move

Tesuji S.r.l. was founded in Rome, Italy in May 2005, while in January 2006 Tesuji Kft, with headquarter in Budapest, Hungary followed.
The company's goal is to create flexible, multilingual open source applications first of all for digital libraries/archives. Team members have more than a decade avant-garde experience in this field.

Ars Informatica
Go is the most ancient table game of all times. It is an enticing, fair intellectual challenge, such as software development for us. In Go Tesuji means the best move one can make in a given situation. We work with enthusiasm and in close collaboration with our clients so that choosing to use our expertise and our products, first of all our publish and search engine Anacleto, becomes and remains the very best move they can make!

Ethics and Excellence
From both professional and ethical points of view we are committed to work with Open Source tools. For us it is simply the best way towards a high quality product. For our clients it is the most ethical solution.
Aquiring a Tesuji licence we give along the complete code. Obviously technical support is guaranteed but our clients do not depend on us, being free to change what and whenever they need to.

Some highlights about us:
  • outstanding programming potential
  • professional knowledge and usage of the industry standards
  • never-ending learning activity
  • wide range of scientific background (from natural sciences and life sciences to humanities);
  • multicultural and multilingual background
  • working experience in various countries (Italy, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Izrael, North-America), good understanding of and readiness to adapt to the users' different cultural backgrounds
  • strong ethical norms: we would like to follow Kant's categorical imperative: Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it would become a universal law.
  • we are humanists: we belive, that the famous opening sentence of Aristotle's Metaphysics is relevant eversince: All men by nature desire to know and we belive in free will.
  • some of us follow the principles of R. Steiner's "Phylosophy of Freedom" and sustain the Eliant campaign (www.eliant.eu)


TESUJI - the best move

Tesuji's flagship product Anacleto is a highly customizable publish and search engine offering solutions to a growing number of end-users internationally. It has earned its name as a prime solution for people who have experienced it's impressive speed, astonishing hit rate and sophisticated, although user friendly feature-set.

  • Relevant
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Convenient
  • Compatible
Anacleto Digital Library: a long-term solution with large capacity for unlimited number of users, compatible with common library query and catalogue standards. Fast, highly customizable, with sophisticated publish and search functionalities, while still user friendly. Between others, Project Gutenberg Consotia Center, No.1. digital library of the world, has choosen us (www.gutenberg.us).
Anacleto for Corporate: revitalizes contents of your Intranet, File, Web and Mail Server, thus providing search functionalites with secured and authenticated access. Supports all major filetypes and works on all platforms. No time to waste? Looking for a plug&play product? Our special hardware&software solution: Anacleto-R is just what you need.
Anacleto for Portals: provides unbeatably fast, highly compatible and easy-to-use functionalities. The relevant, efficient search emphasizes your published content that is automatically re-indexed in its whole, according to specific needs. As it does not lead the site's visitors out to the world wide web Anacleto fidelises them ensuring concrete advantages in terms of visibility and financial gain.
Anacleto for Document Management: a versatile solution already plugable to most document management systems. Enhances your DM search with qualified, sophisticated search functionalities thus sparing time and energy at all levels. With specifically user defined protective filters Anacleto guarantees secure access: the right information to the right people in a glimpse.

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TESUJI - the best move

What's in a Name?
November 30th, 2006
Remember when we thought Google was a funny-sounding name? Well, try "tesuji," a 100-percent open-source content management and search engine that's the official search engine for Project Gutenberg. Tesuji "means the best move one can make in a given situation," according to the rules of the antique board game called "Go," said Anna Tothfalusi, M.D., account manager. Tesuji's product line features four solution tools: Anacleto digital library, Anacleto corporate, Anacleto portal search, and Anacleto document management. We have chosen to concentrate on a few products to provide the maximum customization possible, she said. The site's graphics and press materials are some of the best around. Company offices are in Rome, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today
Medford, NJ, USA
After years of struggling with the technological challenges of cataloging and presenting our eBook collections, we are finally able to provide a state-of-the-art service! Honestly You are a God-send to us. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are using your search engine Anacleto each month. It is something you all should really be proud of creating! John Guagliardo
PhD., Director
Project Gutenberg
Consortia Center

Honolulu, USA
Our company built up one of the biggest text archive in Europe with more than 300 000 book pages: encyclopedias, literature, history, library catalogs, and archival inventories, historical and geographical maps. We had experiences with one of the world most renowned online publisher tool, but Anacleto simply beat it: quicker in speed, richer in functionality. The search in these huge corpora is under 1 sec! Sandor Biszak
General Manager
Arcanum Adatbazis Kft.
Budapest, Hungary


TESUJI - the best move

Managing and Technical Director
Robert Kiraly has a degree in Physical Engineering and is specialized in Computer Sciences: ERP systems and Java Enterprise. Since 1996 he matured relevant international experience working as professional consultant for BAAN, SAP and J2EE. He is especially committed to work with and support Open Source initiatives and tools. Puzzled by the complexity of search topics and sustained by the long term experience of his brother, Peter, he accepted the challenge to develop a sophisticated publish and search engine for Europe's richest cultural archive and shortly after they established their own company: Tesuji.
Email: rkiraly@tesuji.eu

January 2007, after a difficult GO derby

Scientific Director
Peter Kiraly has a Diploma in History and Textual Studies and is defining his PhD in Textual Studies. Since 1995 he is working in the field of digital archives. He became consultant and collaborated on volunteer basis to the establishment and development of the Hungarian Electronic Library , while later he has worked for the Capital Archives of Budapest, the National Szechenyi Libray and, until May 2005, at the Arcanum Database Ltd.
Email: pkiraly@tesuji.eu

Presentation held at the 1st Hungarian Semantic Web Conference

Account Manager
Anna Tothfalusi has a degree in Medical Sciences and speaks 7 languages. She has worked as communication strategy consultant at the WHO and at the FAO of the United Nations, while previously as journalist at major Hungarian and Romanian media. In Italy she has also collaborated with non-profit NGOs for the organization of humanitarian initiatives.
Email: atothfalusi@tesuji.eu

August 2006, 3 days after my son, my third child was born

Business Development Manager
Gabor Somogyi has diplomas in medicine from Hungary and business management from the US. He was majoring in marketing and business consultancy. After graduation he became the managing director of a highly successful softver development company in the film industry. His company was the world leader in its segment.
Email: gsomogyi@tesuji.eu

Novembre 2006, at the OnLine Information Exhibition in London

Financial and Accounting Consultant: Dott. Andrea Casiglia
Legal Consultant: Adv. Cristina Staltari
ArtWork: Bori Benko Humor: Nicolas Vass
WebDesign: Kispal Attila Powered by: Blue Media Studio
Language Support: Diana Popa, Charity Moschopoulos, Pamela Murano, Zoltan Mahler


TESUJI - the best move

Central Office:
00040 Ariccia - Rome - Italy
Viale dei Castani 61
phone: +39 335 458 479
skype: tesuji.srl

Field Office Hungary:
1061 Budapest,Hungary
Andrassy u.5,
phone: +36 30 688 21 25 email: magyarinfo@tesuji.eu

Field Office UAE
phone: +971 50 2545 325
email: uaeinfo@tesuji.eu

Contact in the USA
Stephen Arnold
phone: (502) 228 1966
email: usinfo@tesuji.eu

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TESUJI - the best move

July 2007
In order to enhance its expertise in the field of Enterprise Search and presence in the US Tesuji has launched a collaboration with internationally renowned Enterprise Search Expert, Stephen Arnold and his Kentucky based company: Arnold IT.

July 2007
Tesuji invites volunteers to test the newest release of Anacleto developed for the official site of Project Gutenberg. Please do come back again and check the new functions that are being added in these days.
To access click here.
Feed-backs are welcome!

May 2007
Tesuji is the technological partner of an international consortia headed by the Italian National Research Center working on an EU project: Mobile Semantic Digital Library.

May 2007
A prestigious international consortia composed by Elsevier and three major scientific libraries from Eastern-Europe has invited Tesuji to join and provide innovative technical support with its publish and search engine Anacleto. Presented to the EU, the Central European Scientific Archiving Center: CESAC project will deliver a multilingual 1 million book page digital library enhanced with search functionalities tailored to the specific exigences of the different scientific domains (in the first phase: Physics, Chemistry and Social Sciences).

April 2007
Tesuji becomes the technological partner of Hungary's leading juridic publisher CompLex Kft, part of the famous multinational Wolters Kluwer group.

Interested in joining our international team of Open Source programmers, passionated about digital archives and search topics? Please send succinct CV and we'll get back to you asap with a short questionnaire. Tx!